*** Primary Characterization Data ***
Pedon ID: YYYY-FL069-S35_006( Lake, Florida )Print Date: Feb 6 2023 11:45PM

Sampled as :Apopka ; Grossarenic Paleudults, loamy, siliceous, subactive, hyperthermic
Revised to :
State of Florida
SSL-ProjectFL201101   University of Florida Project 1University of Florida
-Site IDYYYY-FL069-S35_006   Lat: 28° 40' 4.54" north  Long: 81° 45' 24.06" west  MLRA: 154Environmental Pedology & GIS Soils Laboratory
-Pedon No. S35_006Department of Soil and Water Science
-General Methods 1B1A, 2A1, 2BGainesville, Florida 32611

LayerHorizonOrig HznDepth (cm)Field Label 1Field Label 2Field Label 3Field TextureLab Texture

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