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Query by Site Information

The query entry choices are accumulative. All selections entered on this page are processed as one query. The "Clear All Search Criteria" button, which is located at the top of the page, clears all choices. Make your selections carefully. Poor selections may return no results or excessive results. If you have difficulty, we suggest you query by country, state, and county. This method offers an array of data from the selected area of interest.

Site Area Selection by Political Subdivision

We recommend this method. Selecting a site by country, state, and county is one of the best ways to query the database. Most of the data in the database can be accessed by this method.

No Selection Displayed

If no selection is available (for example, your county is not displayed), the database may not contain any data for that particular area. Try choosing available pedons using another method, for example, by state. Then peruse your results for possible entry errors. Remember, no selection is displayed if no data is available in the database for that choice or if the data is not indexed by that choice.

Help for Errors

If you discover an error in the functioning of this website, please contact our web coordinator. If you discover an error in the soils data, please contact one of our soil scientists. Click on the “Contact Us” button for contact information. This website is optimized for Windows® Internet Explorer.

For assistance from the Soils Hotline, call Click For Phone Numbers:  or email Soils Hotline.