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Query by Multiple List Option

A type of input must be selected from the set criteria list. The query will not be valid unless a selection is made.

Identifiers can be entered in two formats: (1) Enter a string of identifiers, each separated by a comma. (2) Enter identifiers in a column.

The standard forms for multiple listing follow.

Comma-separated string:


For your convenience, a multiple data list (in either form shown above) can be copied from other software and pasted into the multiple list text box.

Examples by Criteria Choice

  • Soil series (series names): Summit,Sherwood,Hinckley,Sagemoor
  • Major land resource area (MLRA codes): 107B,111C,128,144C
  • County (county FIPS codes): IA003,NE003,TX057
  • State_Admin (State_Admin FIPS codes): IA,WI,TX
  • Country (country FIPS codes): RS,AR,BH,UY,GM
  • Soil survey area (SSA codes): IA043,ID675,IL097
  • Lab pedon number: 78P0034,83P0342,40A0246
  • Lab layer number: 78P00034,83P00342,40A00246

Codes for most of the examples above can be viewed using the Site Information Section, where the name and codes are listed together. This website is optimized for Windows® Internet Explorer.

For assistance from the Soils Hotline, call Click For Phone Numbers:  or email Soils Hotline.