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Soil Characterization Data (Lab Data)

These are NCSS Lab Data Mart webpage issues that have been reported and the user may want to be aware of them, but they were determined to be of a minor nature and difficult to change.

  1. On the Advanced Search Page, enter invalid “Submission dates” and other valid filters such as Project Type = characterization. Observe that invalid date field is cleared without any validation. When the user clicks "Search", query results are returned ignoring the invalid dates entered by the user.
  2. Solution: Use the date picker to select a date instead of typing on the date field.

  3. Run time error when the user manually selects 200 or more pedons and runs a report. In the Basic Search, enter US/Alabama and click search. When the user manually selects 200 pedons and click “Generate Report”, the user will see a run time error.
  4. Solution: When selecting pedons on the Report creation page, select a number less than 200.

  5. Lab Pedon Number with “_” shows up incorrectly in graphs. In Basic Search, enter "S01" in Lab Pedon Number. Select several pedons starting with "S01_". Select Soil Properties by Depth Report. Click "Continue". Select "Moisture Percent, particles less than 0.074mm (%)". Select "Overlay Pedons". Click "Get Report". Notice legends for those pedons are displayed incorrectly.

  6. Lab Data Mart map custom filters - "Country Code" and "Country Name" do not filter correctly. On the map, click "Filter" on the left pane and click "Add Custom Filter". When Filtering on Country Code/Country Name = US/United States, pedons in many different countries are displayed on the map. Also the user is unable to filter most countries.

  7. Save button for Selection – After user selects the AOI, click "Edit" and "Save" will reset the pedon number.
  8. Solution: Do not click "Save" if there is no AOI edit. If Save is clicked, click "Trash" and re-select the AOI.